NOS4A2 2×02: “Good Father”

Charlie's alive and getting stronger. A look at his past reveals his deep connection with Millie.


Years later, Vic McQueen's a mom trying to live her life, but Charlie Manx's supposed death brings back visions.

Creepshow – SEASON 1 FINALE: “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain/Skincrawlers”

A tale of nasty body capitalism, and another of a wounded, terrorised family.

NOS4A2 – SEASON FINALE: “Gunbarrel”

Vic and Manx face off. But will it be the end?

NOS4A2 – Episode 9: “Sleigh House”

Vic chases Manx while Maggie sets her Scrabble bag sights on Bing.

NOS4A2 – Episode 8: “Parnassus”

Vic and Bing have another run-in. Maggie falls into a bad rut.

NOS4A2 – Episode 7: “Scissors for the Drifter”

Charlie Manx is trying to fix his Wraith. It'll cause a lot of trouble before it's fixed.

NOS4A2 – Episode 6: “The Dark Tunnels”

Vic gets a hand from Jolene. But is all hope lost?