[31 Days of Halloween – Day 17] THE BELKO EXPERIMENT’s Working Class Horrors

The Belko Experiment takes Day 17 in the 31 Days of Horror; a vicious, smart film.

[31 Days of Halloween – Day 6] READY OR NOT: Burn Down the Patriarchy! Explode the Rich!

31 Days of Halloween moving right along with Day 6, looking at READY OR NOT.

[Fantasia 2019] THE FATHER’S SHADOW and the Walking Proletariat Dead

Capitalism turns us into zombies, and then whole families are eaten alive.

No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism in THE CANNIBAL CLUB

This Brazilian film has plenty of bite, reserved in full for the bourgeois cannibal economy of capitalism.

Murderous Social Mobility in THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET

The spectre of communism looms over Latvia's first piece of horror cinema; a morbidly exciting work.