[31 Days of Halloween – Day 7] COMBAT SHOCK: The Social Decay & PTSD of Post-Vietnam America

Day 7 in the 31 Days of Halloween falls on dark times with COMBAT SHOCK (1984), a horrific, traumatic look at American PTSD after the Vietnam War.

SADIE and the Child Soldiers of America

Megan Griffiths delivers a powerful, subtle gut punch to America's blind military worship with SADIE.

X-Rated Social Horror in Roberta Findlay’s TENEMENT

Roberta Findlay's 1985 shocker TENEMENT came along at the beginning of the crack epidemic. Hard not to see the commentary about a city crumbling around her.

The Horrors of Homelessness in STREET TRASH

STREET TRASH is just a B-movie with nothing to say. Or, maybe it says a lot of things about NYC in the 1980s. Maybe?