“We’ve all got our car payments”: What We Lose for Money in DREAMLAND

I saved the world today. Everybody's happy now.

INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE: The Thin Violent Capitalist Line Between Horror & Porn

A horror film that eviscerates horror, film making, and the entertainment industry's exploitation of women.

Modern Loneliness and Violent Female Competition in HOMEWRECKER

Precious Chong and Alex Essoe go head-to-head in a dark satire of gender roles and postmodern loneliness.

The Horrors of Class Struggle and Neoliberal Depravity in SATANIC PANIC

Chelsea Stardust uses Satanic horror as a vessel for capitalist satire in her latest film

TYREL: Relative Terror in Black/White

TYREL explores how seemingly harmless behaviour, to white people, is not always so for people of colour.

The Horrors of Homelessness in STREET TRASH

STREET TRASH is just a B-movie with nothing to say. Or, maybe it says a lot of things about NYC in the 1980s. Maybe?

Happy! – Season 1, Episode 8: “I Am the Future”

Happy and Nick find clues to taking them further towards Hailey, finding terrifying things at the end of their journey.

Happy! – Season 1, Episode 5: “Hot Sauce? White Sauce?”

Nick goes to see Amanda. Meredith receives a message from Blue. Smoothie meets Hailey and the other children.