Make a Case #2— Wes Craven’s SHOCKER (1989)

Father Gore's 2nd Make a Case looks at the squandered potential in Wes Craven's 1989 SHOCKER.

“Didn’t Think About Your Family?”: The Evil That Men Do in THE NIGHTSHIFTER

Take a ride into the chilling heart of the wounded male ego.

Ghoul – Episode 2: “The Nightmares Will Begin”

Ali Saeed proves to be no mere terrorist, as he starts manipulating the soldiers at Meghdoot 31.

PUPPETMASTER: Killer Toys Run Amok

Behold! Creepy puppets. Nazi spies. Suicide, murder, psychics. And so much more.

WE GO ON: Traumatic Fears & the Urban Gothic

An urban Gothic about Miles (Clark Freeman), a traumatised man searching for a proof of life after death. At any cost.

The Omen: Religion, Creepy Kids, and Gregory Peck

The Omen. 1976. Directed by Richard Donner. Screenplay by David Seltzer. Starring Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, David Warner, Billie Whitelaw, Harvey Stephens, Patrick Troughton, Martin Benson, Robert Rietty, and Tommy Duggan. Twentieth Century Fox/Mace Neufeld Productions. Rated R. 111 minutes. Horror/Mystery ★★★★★ When it comes to supernatural horror I tend to be at a crossroads …

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