Creepshow 1×02: “Bad Wolf Down/The Finger”

Nazis v. Werewolves, and a tale of giving the world the finger.

Lore – Season 1, Episode 5: “The Beast Within”

Mahnke tells us about Peter Stubbe, werewolves, the Son of Sam, & more.

WHEN ANIMALS DREAM: A Folklore Tale on Coming of Age

A young girl's transformation from girl to woman is plagued by the folklore and superstitions and closed minds of her small little town.

Late Phases is Modern Werewolf Heaven Late Phases. 2014.  Dir. Adrián García Bogliano. Screenplay by Eric Stolze. Starring Nick Damici, Ethan Embry, and Lance Guest. Dark Sky Films/Glass Eye Pix. Not Rated. 95 minutes. Horror ★★★★★ Werewolf movies are a real hit or miss for me. That being said, I love a good werewolf flick. If it's done right. The problem …

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