“If You Only Knew”: The Horrors of Men in CALVAIRE

Fabrice du Welz's 2004 debut CALVAIRE involves a stunning, surreal, and disturbing subversion of gender.

Secret Window: A Mixed Bag of Stephen King Treats

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QboGT3v7c5A Secret Window. 2004. Directed & Written by David Koepp; based on the novella Secret Window, Secret Garden by Stephen King from the collection Four Past Midnight. Starring Johnny Depp, John Turturro, Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton, Charles S. Dutton, Len Cariou, Joan Heney, John Dunn-Hill, Vlasta Vrana, Matt Holland, Gillian Ferrabee, Bronwen Mantel, & Elizabeth …

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White Skin Seeps Into Your Blood

Peau Blanche a.k.a White Skin. 2004. Directed by Daniel Roby. Screenplay by Daniel Roby; based on the novel by Joël Champetier. Starring Marc Paquet, Marianne Farley, Frédéric Pierre, Jessica Harris, Julie LeBreton, Lise Roy, Joujou Turenne, Raymond Cloutier, Marcel Sabourin, and Jude-Antoine Jarda. Zone Films. Rated 14A. 89 minutes. Drama/Horror/Mystery ★★★★ I've been a longtime user of the …

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Dead Man’s Shoes & Haunting Revenge

An atypical film about revenge from Shane Meadows, examining grief, retribution, and how to live after a tragedy.

DIG: The Ego & The Id

Ever watch a documentary that pissed you off? Well, here's another one.