Dichotomies of Violence: Abuse, Autonomy, and BDSM in Nicolas Pesce’s PIERCING

Nicolas Pesce's adaptation of PIERCING, by novelist Ryû Murakami, is a stunning, brutal look at the thin line between pain/pleasure.

TYREL: Relative Terror in Black/White

TYREL explores how seemingly harmless behaviour, to white people, is not always so for people of colour.

The Sinner – Part 8

Cora's fate is determined, as final secrets are unveiled.

The Sinner – Part 7

That fateful night in Cora Tannetti's life plays out for the viewer in full, terrifying detail.

The Sinner – Part 6

Harry takes Cora back up to the basement in the private club, in hopes of triggering repressed memories.

The Sinner – Part 5

Ambrose uncovers a big clue at an estate out in the woods. Meanwhile, a state detective tries pinning the latest corpse on Cora quickly.

The Sinner – Part 4

With the help of recovered memory therapy, Cora begins unlocking keys to her past & that fateful July 4th weekend.

The Sinner – Part 3

Dt. Ambrose uncovers something much more disturbing, much more far reaching than either he or Cora expected.