The Terror – INFAMY SEASON FINALE: “Into the Afterlife”

Chester and Luz must face Yuko one final time— in this world, and the next.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 8: “My Sweet Boy”

Chester searches for his lost other half. Yuko keeps on searching for him, too.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 4: “The Weak Are Meat”

In the jungle with the U.S. Army, Chester begins to see the yurei may actually be following him.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 3: “Gaman”

Yuko takes a new victim, then sets her eyes on yet another.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 2: “All The Demons Are Still in Hell”

After Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans are taken to the camps, and there the obake continue to haunt the community.

Too Old to Die Young— Volume 10: “The World”

Diana has a vision of a new world, while Yaritza tries to destroy the old one.

Too Old to Die Young— Volume 9: “The Empress”

Jesus makes brutal plans while Viggo brings destruction to a town of deviants

Too Old to Die Young— Volume 8: “The Hanged Man”

Jesus takes his revenge on Martin