KILL LIST: Gothic Nationalism’s Violent Erasure of Modernity

KILL LIST begins as a crime-thriller, ending as a horrific bit of Gothic terror, and full of relevant modern themes.

“Fear is a place”: SESSION 9’s Gothic Madness in Uncanny Places

Brad Anderson's SESSION 9 explores our relationship to Gothic places, such as asylums, where Freud's Uncanny creates a state of dissociation.

Father Gore’s 1st Make a Case: A Remake of GRAVEYARD SHIFT

In the 1st edition of "Make a Case," Father Gore discusses the 1990 GRAVEYARD SHIFT, an adaptation of a Stephen King short story.

A Different Kind of Vampire: Ted Nicolaou’s SUBSPECIES

A strange, unique vampire film you won't soon forget! Not if Radu has anything to say about it.

The Gothic Traditions of DARK WATERS

If ever there were a Lovecraftian story not written by Lovecraft, DARK WATERS is it, certainly.

America’s Racist History Returns in Blood with CANDYMAN: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH

Candyman returns, as a white family confronts their history within the context of America's long, ugly racist past.

Satanic Templar Zombies in TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD

If you've ever wanted to see what happens when Templar Knights go Satanic then return from the dead, boy, have I got the movie for you!

Lars von Trier’s ANTICHRIST Dissects Catholicism’s Misogynistic Roots

This is not for the fainthearted. However, if you want to see a compelling, though disturbing, look at the misogyny inherent in Roman Catholicism: press play, if you dare.