[Fantasia 2020] Cold & Disparate Moralities in Christian Alvart’s FREIES LAND

Alvart's remake touches deeply on issues of class, nation, and morality.

SUSPIRIA Bathes in (Blood &) the Power of Women

Luca Guadagnino carves out his own territory in horror cinema history with his remake of Dario Argento's SUSPIRIA

THE HILLS HAVE EYES: America Deformed, America Divided

Alexandre Aja's remake of the 1970s Wes Craven original has big, scary, political balls.

Picnic at Hanging Rock – Episode 2

After seven days, the search for the missing girls is called off.

Father Gore’s 1st Make a Case: A Remake of GRAVEYARD SHIFT

In the 1st edition of "Make a Case," Father Gore discusses the 1990 GRAVEYARD SHIFT, an adaptation of a Stephen King short story.

Cronenberg’s THE FLY Affirms Alexander Pope: A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing

Cronenberg and his body horror transform Vincent Price's original into remake heaven, as man's reach exceeds his grasp in this nasty modern classic.

The Duality of Appearances: Jaume Collet-Serra’s HOUSE OF WAX

Not all remakes are bad. Some are great. This one isn't great, but it is a lot of damn fun!

Animal Kingdom – Season 1, Episode 2: “We Don’t Hurt People”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJdywN-g-YM TNT's Animal Kingdom Season 1, Episode 2: "We Don't Hurt People" Directed by John Wells Written by Jonathan Lisco * For a review of the pilot episode, click here. * For a review of the next episode, "Stay Close, Stick Together" - click here After a wild pilot, things continue on for the Cody Gang. …

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