The Terror – Infamy, Episode 9: “Come and Get Me”

Chester and Luz go to every length to escape Yuko. But it's never enough.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 8: “My Sweet Boy”

Chester searches for his lost other half. Yuko keeps on searching for him, too.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 7: “My Perfect World”

Chester tries to escape. Back at the camp, a brutal tragedy occurs.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 5: “Shatter Like a Pearl”

Chester meets a POW in the jungle, who may be a yurei, while other Japanese Americans face bureaucratic humiliation in the camp.

The Terror – Infamy, Episode 4: “The Weak Are Meat”

In the jungle with the U.S. Army, Chester begins to see the yurei may actually be following him.

Too Old to Die Young— Volume 6: “The High Priestess”

Now married, Jesus and Yaritza return to America. They bring the cartel's vengeance with them.

Too Old to Die Young— Volume 2: “The Lovers”

Jesus learns his place in the Mexican cartel as Don Ricardo struggles trusting his son Miguel