Peaky Blinders – Season 2 Finale

At Derby Day, Tommy sets his plans in motion, though not without casualties. Polly winds up confronting Major Campbell with brutal results.

Peaky Blinders – Season 2, Episode 5

Arthur gets a bad surprise when he visits Alfie Solomons. And when Michael lands in jail, something worse happens to his mother.

Peaky Blinders – Season 2, Episode 4

Tommy gets to know May Carleton a bit better. Meanwhile, things with Campbell and the IRA get very complicated and dangerous for Mr. Shelby.

Peaky Blinders – Season 2, Episode 3

Polly's long lost son Michael becomes a part of the family. Maybe a bit too much for her liking.

Peaky Blinders – Season 2, Episode 2

Tommy manages to keep himself alive. He gets back to London to speak with Alfie Solomons, and later writes a letter to Winston Churchill himself.

Peaky Blinders – Season 1 Finale

The day's come for Tommy and the Blinders to oust Billy Kimber. But Grace, Campbell, even Ada, they put a wrench in those plans.

Peaky Blinders – Season 1, Episode 5

Grace and Tommy get closer than they should, as Inspector Campbell gets jealous. Meanwhile, Arthur Sr turns up again causing a bigger rift between the brothers.

Peaky Blinders – Season 1, Episode 3

When Freddie won't leave town, Tommy's got to figure out a way to settle things down. For himself, for Ada, and for the sake of their business.