FX’s Fargo

FARGO_S1_BTS_FirstLook_2Min_FXWEB_1280x720_212804163528Season 1
 “The Crocodile’s Dilemma
1×02 “The Rooster Prince
1×03 “A Muddy Road
1×04 “Eating the Blame
1×05 “The Six Ungraspables
1×06 “Buridan’s Ass
1×07 “Who Shaves the Barber?
1×08 “The Heap
1×09 “A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage
1×10 “Morton’s Fork

Picture 12Season 2
2×01 “Waiting for Dutch
2×02 “Before the Law
2×03 The Myth of Sisyphus
2×04 “Fear and Trembling
2×05 “The Gift of the Magi
2×06 “Rhinoceros
2×07 “Did You Do This? No, You Did It!
2×08 “Loplop
2×09 “The Castle
2×10 “Palindrome

Pic 4BSeason 3
3×01The Law of Vacant Places
3×02The Principle of Restricted Choice
3×03The Law of Non-Contradiction
3×04The Narrow Escape Problem
3×05The House of Special Purpose
3×06The Lord of No Mercy
3×07The Law of Inevitability
3×08Who Rules the Land of Denial?
3×10Somebody to Love

Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - Loy vs. FostoSeason 4
4×01Welcome to the Alternate Economy
4×02The Land of Taking and Killing
4×04The Pretend War
4×05The Birthplace of Civilization
4×06Camp Elegance
4×07Lay Away
4×08The Nadir
4×11Storia Americana

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