“Doors in perpetual resolve”: The Gothic Capitalism of IN FABRIC

The emphasis of comfort and pleasure— only at Dentley and Soper's department store.

[Fantasia 2019] Michihito Fujii’s DAY AND NIGHT: Morality Under Capitalism

Michihito Fujii ruminates on how capitalism destroys good people, and whether revenge is just or simply salt in a perpetual wound.

“The play’s the thing”: The Marxism & Metatheatre of LONG LOST

Erik Bloomquist's LONG LOST explores issues of class and performance through a psychosexual thriller.

No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism in THE CANNIBAL CLUB

This Brazilian film has plenty of bite, reserved in full for the bourgeois cannibal economy of capitalism.

VENOM: Socialism’s Accidental Super-Antihero

Eddie Brock and his new pal Venom aren't just a Marvel duo, they represent a lot of our (post)modern-day fears.