Swamp Thing— Episode 6: “The Price You Pay”

Dr. Woodrue does an unsanctioned human experiment, while Dr. Arcane struggles to help Alec.

The Existential Miseries & Mysteries of Class in BURNING

Lee Chang-dong's latest film is an existential mystery. Be prepared!

The Devil in Your Mind: INTO THE FOREST & Mental Illness

INTO THE FOREST is an allegorical look at a divorced family grappling with mental illness. Or is it?

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – Season 1, Episode 10: “Father Thing”

Charlie starts noticing his dad seems like someone else. Then everybody else seems like someone else, too.

SOLE SURVIVOR: Metaphor of the Dead

The predecessor to FINAL DESTINATION. An influence on IT FOLLOWS. This '80s flick is a forgotten gem.

INSIDE: As If Motherhood Wasn’t Tough Enough

The trials and tribulations of motherhood, drenched in sheets of blood and gore. Plus, Béatrice Dalle: need I say more?

ANTIBIRTH’s Body Horror Is Gross & Nothing More

One woman's rough night out becomes a somehow even worse nightmare than just an assault, when she discovers she's pregnant. With... something.