Mr. Robot 4×06: “406 Not Acceptable”

Elliot makes a last desperate push to convince Olivia to help him

Too Old to Die Young— Volume 7: “The Magician”

Martin's life as an assassin is threatened by a dangerous mistake

THE FIRST PURGE is a Dark Mirror of Current America

THE FIRST PURGE is the franchise's best, going back to the beginning to examine the Purge's origins in classism, racism, and inherent human violence.

Mr. Robot – Season 3, Episode 9: “eps3.8_stage3.torrent”

Wellick makes a comeback, whether he likes it or not. Darlene tries infiltrating the FBI via Dom.

Mr. Robot – Season 3, Episode 3: “”

We get to see what happened after the Five/Nine hack: what happened to Tyrell, who Irving is, and more.

American Horror Story – Cult, Episode 6: “Mid-Western Assassin”

Kai's challenged for city council. Then he's shot. By Ally? Or was it someone else?

American Horror Story – Cult, Episode 1: “Election Night”

Donald Trump is elected POTUS. The clowns come out in hordes. Marginalised voices worry; anarchic racists rejoice. This was the U.S. Election fo 2016. And this is 2017.