Taboo – Episode 3 FX's Taboo Episode 3 Directed by Kristoffer Nyholm Written by Steven Knight * For a recap & review of Episode 2, click here. * For a recap & review of Episode 4, click here. With James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy) having been stabbed, and having stabbed back, at the end of Episode 2, what's …

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Taboo – Episode 2

As James Delaney's return settles on London, the man himself begins assembling a crew after purchasing a merchant ship at auction.

Scream Queens – Season 2, Episode 10: “Drain the Swamp” FOX's Scream Queens Season 2, Episode 10: "Drain the Swamp" Directed by Ian Brennan Written by Brad Falchuk & Ian Brennan * For a review of the penultimate Season 2 episode, "Lovin the D" - click here Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) is confronted by the Green Meanie again. She's trapped in one of the hospital's …

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Taboo – Episode 1: “Shovels and Keys”

James Keziah Delaney returns from a mysterious life at sea, one that took him into Africa, as his father passes in London and a small war erupts over what's left in his wake.

Barrett & Wingard Deal Another Terrifying Blow with BLAIR WITCH

Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett take us back to the Black Hills in search of answers. But their camping adventurers end up discovering more terror than anything they ever expected.

BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 is the Epitome of Wasted Potential

This is not the sequel you are looking for; repeat after me...

The Exorcist – Season 1, Chapter Ten: “Three Rooms”

Pazuzu attempts, one last time, to destroy Regan a.k.a Angela Rance and her family, too. Meanwhile, Pope Sebastian's arriving and his enemies are legion.

Balagueró’s TO LET is a Haunting Story of Moving Day Hell

Moving into a new apartment is supposed to be a fresh start. But for one couple, it's the beginning of hell.