Creepshow 1×02: “Bad Wolf Down/The Finger”

Nazis v. Werewolves, and a tale of giving the world the finger.

“Where we come from, our dreams don’t come true”: CULTURE SHOCK’s American Nightmare

The latest INTO THE DARK instalment takes clear aim at America's disastrous response to immigration.

THE HILLS HAVE EYES: America Deformed, America Divided

Alexandre Aja's remake of the 1970s Wes Craven original has big, scary, political balls.

OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN: The Rat Race’s Modern Destruction

George P. Cosmatos uses OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN to explore the effects of a capitalist rat race on the individual and their family

Prayers to a Consumer God: American Decay + Ideological Control in THEY LIVE

Generally disregarded by the mainstream, John Carpenter's THEY LIVE ('88) is a prophetic piece of sci-fi cinema.

American Crime Story – Season 2, Episode 8: “Creator/Destroyer”

We see the unsettling earlier years of Andrew Cunanan, as well as the tragic story of his father, Modesto.

American Crime Story – Season 2, Episode 3: “A Random Killing”

Marilyn & Lee Miglin cross paths with Andrew Cunanan.

MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND’s Decaying American Dream

The life of a young immigrant woman, undocumented in NY becomes dangerous after she takes a mysterious yet lucrative job offer.