[Fantasia 2022] GLORIOUS: A Cosmic Struggle Against Toxic Patriarchal Legacies

One man's time in a rest stop will change his outlook on life, love, and himself forever.

The Twilight Zone 2×06: “8”

A team of scientists in Antarctica make a special and terrifying discovery

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Chapter Twenty-Two: “Drag Me to Hell”

Sabrina must drag souls to Hell, or the Infernal Kings will usurp her reign.

STARFISH’s Apocalyptic Grief and Unexplored Spaces

Al White's debut STARFISH comes at the apocalypse from a devastatingly beautiful and personal place.

An Interview with STARFISH Director Al White

C.H. Newell talks to director-writer Al White about his stunning debut feature, STARFISH.

Escaping Repetitive Cycles of Fate in THE ENDLESS

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's THE ENDLESS digs into cults, brotherhood, the purpose of life, and more.

The Gothic Traditions of DARK WATERS

If ever there were a Lovecraftian story not written by Lovecraft, DARK WATERS is it, certainly.

31 Days of Horror for Halloween Season

In an effort to try and diversify, I've done my best to not include anything I included on last year's Halloween List. Not to worry: plenty of horror for you here. Wade on in to find yourself something creepy; one title for every day of the month in no particular order but merely numbered for …

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