“Doors in perpetual resolve”: The Gothic Capitalism of IN FABRIC

The emphasis of comfort and pleasure— only at Dentley and Soper's department store.

The Outsider – Episode 3: “Dark Uncle”

Dt. Anderson gets help on the case from Holly Gibney, as well as a potential eerie lead from Terry's daughter.

[Brooklyn Horror Film Festival] Uncanny Spaces and Patriotic Faces in 1BR

Move in, they said! The rent is great, they said! Lose your identity, they said!

Peaky Blinders – Season 5, Episode 2: “Black Cats”

Tommy finds a possible traitor in the family's midst. That's got nothing on the gang of Scots after him.

Dark – Season 2, Episode 7: “The White Devil”

Claudia tries to stop her father Ego from dying in '87. Back in '54, Ulrich gets a visit from a familiar face.

[Essay] “Waking up, is it?”: Childhood Trauma, Repression, and Freud’s Uncanny in POSSUM

The debut feature from Matthew Holness is a terrifying trip into the trauma of a wounded man.

“We should have never come to this house”: Freud’s Uncanny & the Modern Gothic in SINISTER

Scott Derrickson's SINISTER is more than creepy, it's an unsettling collision of the Gothic past and a modern world.