Slasher – Solstice, Episode 1: “6 am to 9 am”

A man is murdered but nobody helps. A year later, the brutal killer returns.

The Twilight Zone – Season 1, Episode 3: “Replay”

Nina drives her son Dorian to an HBCU, but along the way they're stuck in a loop with an angry white cop.

OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN: The Rat Race’s Modern Destruction

George P. Cosmatos uses OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN to explore the effects of a capitalist rat race on the individual and their family

SLICE: Mediocre Horror Doubles as Killer Modern Satire

SLICE is nothing special, though it's full of commentary about modern social divisions, urban renewal, and racists.

The Horrors of Homelessness in STREET TRASH

STREET TRASH is just a B-movie with nothing to say. Or, maybe it says a lot of things about NYC in the 1980s. Maybe?

IT’S ALIVE: Attacking the Sanctity of Family

Larry Cohen's IT'S ALIVE is one of the first really postmodern monster movies, where the idea of family and parenthood comes under fire.

SEPTIC MAN: Good Social Commentary, Shit Action

A movie that has a lot going for it, that gets wasted. Like a shitty pipe dream.

WOLFEN’s Creatures are Social Animals

A werewolf movie packed with social commentary is always worth the time to chew on.