Kidding 2×07: “The Acceptance Speech”

Deirdre's... stuck. And Jeff is exploring what it's like to live in a real dream.

Kidding 2×06: “The Death of Fil”

Jeff and the crew attend a special funeral

Kidding 2×04: “I Wonder What Grass Tastes Like”

Jeff and Deirdre experience a big shakeup when the show may be ready to go back on the air.

Kidding 2×02: “Up, Down, and Everything in Between”

Jeff goes under the knife with Peter

Kidding – Season 1, Episode 10: “Some Day”

Jeff changes everything with a speech on national TV, and other unexpected life choices.

Kidding – Season 1, Episode 9: “LT. Pickles”

Jeff begins to have a breakdown. Or, is it a breakthrough?

Kidding – Season 1, Episode 8: “Philliam”

Jeff's relationship to Derrell is revealed, as is his relationships with both Phil and Will.