Trapped – Season 2, Episode 4

Hammer of Thor have demands. But their kidnapping of the Mayor quickly spirals out of control.

Trapped – Season 2, Episode 3

The Mayor decides not to pursue action after Hammer of Thor vandalises her home— big mistake.

Breaking Bad – Season 5, Episode 8: “Gliding Over All”

Things become totally clear for Hank Schrader, in the worst ways.

FRONTIER(S): Post-WWII Gothic and Political Invasion of the Body

Xavier Gens delivers a political piece of brutal body horror with FRONTIER(S)

Romper Stomper – Episode 6: “Anabasis”

Magoo and Vic plan a bombing, that could have massive, devastating consequences.

Romper Stomper – Season 4: “The Dark Heart of Things”

Kane takes over as leader of Patriot Blue, as his mother tries to prevent him from destroying his life. Petra leads an Antifasc attack.