Jenn Wexler’s THE RANGER: A Punk Rock Manifesto for Women

Jenn Wexler's debut feature film examines what separates the city and the rural while also looking at how goddamn tough it is being a woman.

“No more pain, no more death”: Fatalism, Free Will, & Fighting the Past in THE RITUAL

David Bruckner's THE RITUAL confronts issues of past v. present by way of a pagan death god. Cool, right?

NOMADS: A City’s Old Horrors Linger On

John McTiernan's debut NOMADS bridges past and present— a Gothic horror set in LA, where evil spirits/bikers lurk.

388 ARLETTA AVENUE: Infiltration of a Complacent Private Sphere

388 ARLETTA AVENUE is a chilling reminder not to get too complacent about security in the suburbs.

URBAN EXPLORER: Confronting Germany’s Buried Nazi History

URBAN EXPLORER's not a good movie, but it has plenty of things to say about how we sometimes choose to hide the past rather than confront it.

KILL LIST: Gothic Nationalism’s Violent Erasure of Modernity

KILL LIST begins as a crime-thriller, ending as a horrific bit of Gothic terror, and full of relevant modern themes.

Prayers to a Consumer God: American Decay + Ideological Control in THEY LIVE

Generally disregarded by the mainstream, John Carpenter's THEY LIVE ('88) is a prophetic piece of sci-fi cinema.

NIGHTBREED— Or, A Tale of Two Cities

Clive Barker's NIGHTBREED explores the difference between experiences in the city, focused on those with power v. those without.