“It’s all her fault”: Gaslighting & the Virgin Mary in THE LODGE

A weekend at the cabin with the kids isn't always what you bargained for when you made those plans.

[Brooklyn Horror Film Festival] IN THE QUARRY: Woman v. Cavemen

A thriller with sharp ideological teeth

Channel Zero – The Dream Door, Episode 2: “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

Jill's trying to figure out her own head, when Pretzel Jack strikes again, even closer to home.

BACKCOUNTRY: Woman v. Bear(/Man)

Bear v. one tough woman in the wilderness. Who'll emerge victorious?

CURTAINS: Being an Actress is Murder (and Misogyny)

CURTAINS portrays the horrific industry in which actresses must fight against one another to get roles— to the point of bloody murder!

Channel Zero – The Dream Door, Episode 1: “Ashes On My Pillow”

Tom and Jill Hodgson move into a new house, where they find a strange door in the basement.

LYLE: Tragic Postpartum Horror

After the loss of her child, a woman gets pregnant again only to worry there is a sinister plot against her and her baby.

Slasher – Season 2, Episode 6: “Drone”

Mark uses his attorney skills to interrogate everyone at the cabin, believing one of them must be the killer.