[31 Days of Halloween – Day 14] Attacking the Patriarchy’s Penis in HOSTEL: PART II

Another day in the 31 Days of Halloween, this time looking into the interesting HOSTEL: PART II, a sequel with things to say about its predecessor and about men.

[Fantasia 2021] HELLBENDER: The Powers of Women & the Consequences of Their Repression

John Adams, Zelda Adams, and Toby Poser have only gotten better (and scarier) with their latest weird, witchy film, HELLBENDER.

NOS4A2 – Episode 8: “Parnassus”

Vic and Bing have another run-in. Maggie falls into a bad rut.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 2, Episode 13: “The Word”

June decides enough is enough, beginning her rebellion.

Mr. Mercedes – Season 1, Episode 8: “From the Ashes”

Brady's carelessness leads to a tragedy of his own making, one that will irreparably change his already fractured psyche.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 1, Episode 3: “Late”

Offred is taken in for questioning, after Ofglen's been whisked off for a trial & possible punishment.

EXHIBIT A Offers Emotionally Superior Found Footage in a Sea of Mediocrity

An impressive found footage film that strikes at the heart of the everyday family.