[Fantasia 2019] SONS OF DENMARK: The Extremes of Where We Are & Where We’re Headed

Ulaa Salim's film is a disturbing and shocking look at right-wing extremism— a necessary tale in 2019.

Trapped – Season 2, Episode 6

Andri's daughter becomes more involved in the investigation. Víkingur's ready to snap.

The Infectious Tentacles of Nationalism & Xenophobia in AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS

A post-Brexit/post-Trump horror+sci-fi mashup critical of the media, nationalism, and old white men.

A RETURN TO SALEM’S LOT: Larry Cohen Hates Nazis Like a Real American!

Maybe Larry Cohen's just talking about vampires. Or, maybe, just maybe, he's talking about neo-Nazis.

URBAN EXPLORER: Confronting Germany’s Buried Nazi History

URBAN EXPLORER's not a good movie, but it has plenty of things to say about how we sometimes choose to hide the past rather than confront it.

FRONTIER(S): Post-WWII Gothic and Political Invasion of the Body

Xavier Gens delivers a political piece of brutal body horror with FRONTIER(S)

Romper Stomper – Episode 6: “Anabasis”

Magoo and Vic plan a bombing, that could have massive, devastating consequences.